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A Shot Caller is someone that dictates or decides what happens to people that they lead or control. These individuals or groups have authority, power, position to “run the show.” Shot Callers plan, arrange, design, manage what happens in the world, nations, corporations, cultures, churches, families and your life. [...]


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Everyone experiences times in life when you are forced to “Pick a Side.” Circumstances, situations and often demands from others can put us in this uncomfortable position. Let’s face it, “Nobody likes to be backed into a corner up against the wall.” Even though you don’t [...]


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Tuesday, November 3, 2020 is election day in America. The future direction of our country will be determined by the ballots. You will decide who is in charge of our government. THAT IS HOW OUR REPUBLIC WORKS! The bible says, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin [...]


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NO MORE LIES! This is a blog for people that are tired of believing LIES and want THE TRUTH. There are so many ways to lie, it can be difficult to tell a lie when you hear one. Here are a few ways to tell if someone is lying [...]


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Friends, JESUS is the only answer for a world gone mad! The SELFISH, SENSELESS, RESENTFUL and ANGRY things people do has turned the world UPSIDE DOWN! “A Dog Eat Dog World” will eventually leave everybody maimed and mauled. Here is the good news- The SELFLESS, SENSIBLE, FORGIVING and LOVING [...]


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I said in my video sermon series “THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES” Part 6 …“God will send you someone to SHOW YOU THE WAY."  Go on our website to get caught up and view the SIGNS OF THE TIMES video sermons and listen to the podcasts on demand at [...]

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