Michael A. Noble - March 21, 2021

Heads Up

HE'S THE LIGHT FOR YOUR NIGHTMARE! From Night of the Living Dead to I Am Legend to World War Z to The Walking Dead, our entertainment is full of zombie stories - people trying to survive in a world full of dead things walking around as if they are alive. For the believer, truth is stranger than fiction! Living in a world that does not seek to honor God feels like being in a zombie movie - people are around us are coming and going but they aren't really living! In today's message Pastor Noble shares an encouragement that was once delivered unto the saints of God in a crisis and provides hope for the faithful today in our present crisis. In these dark days, there is still hope, and that hope is Jesus Christ! Come and get this Heads Up and keep your head up!!!

Scripture References: Revelation 1:4-8

From Series: "Worship Is the Way"

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