I miss my spiritual church family!

Covid-19 forced us to shut down the worship center March 29, 2020; to curb the spread of the virus and to observe healthy practices. The spiritual and physical health of all SMBC members is my top priority and concern.

We have conducted ministry via social media on-line for twelve weeks. What have we learned?

To worship, learn, preach, pray, give or connect – YOU DON’T NEED WALLS!

To WALK WITH GOD and follow his plan for your life – YOU DON’T NEED WALLS!

As a matter of fact, WALLS can keep you “in” and others “out” when you should get “out” to bring others “in” to the Church through faith in Jesus!

I don’t know when the SMBC worship center will be open again for ministry operations. God only knows!

Until there is a cure, continue to pray and trust God for strength and direction.

But one thing is crystal clear to me; WE NEED TO BECOME MORE LIKE JESUS AND LIVE OUT OUR FAITH UNTIL HE COMES FOR US! Praise the Lord, to do that – YOU DON’T NEED WALLS!

Michael A. Noble, Pastor

Michael A. Noble, Senior Pastor
Michael A. Noble, Senior PastorShiloh Missionary Baptist Church
Michael A. Noble has preached the gospel for over 42 years.  He is a teacher of the Bible and prophetic voice as a faithful witess of Jesus Christ.


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