A Shot Caller is someone that dictates or decides what happens to people that they lead or control. These individuals or groups have authority, power, position to “run the show.” Shot Callers plan, arrange, design, manage what happens in the world, nations, corporations, cultures, churches, families and your life.

Who is Calling the Shots in your life? You might think that you are “in control,” but there is always someone bigger than you, with more power and authority “calling the shots.” The spirit in you is “calling the shots,” whether you know it or not.

God is the ultimate Shot Caller that dictates and decides what happens to you in the end, based on your choices in this life. So, what’s the problem? Why is the world so bad, if God is in control? The answer is simple, the world is bad because people are bad, ruled by Satan through sin and death. God is not the problem; human nature is the problem. God made heaven, earth and everything in it good. When God is not Calling the Shots, bad things happen!

Here is a summary that explains the problem of evil in the world, according to the bible in Genesis chapters 1-3:

God created mankind to rule with him over His creation in the world. The Satan (Devil, Lucifer, Dragan, Serpent- he has many names) deceived the first man Adam into surrendering control over the world to him through lies and deception. The bible calls this evil rebellion against God sin. Even though the Devil thinks he is running the show through fallen man, God is still in control- “calling the shots” from His throne in Heaven with Jesus Christ center-stage.

In the bible story, God redeems mankind to his rightful place to “rule with Him over the earth” through faith in Jesus Christ the Messiah. Jesus reversed the curse of sin by perfectly obeying God the Father in his life, dying as a sacrifice for the sins of the world and winning the victory over the Satan and death through his resurrection.

That is the Goodnews of the gospel and that was the message to the serpent who deceived humanity to join in his rebellion against God in the Genesis 3:15 prophecy. God told the devil:

I will make you and woman hate each other, your descendants and her descendants will always be enemies. One of her off-spring will fatally crush your head and you will bite his heel.”

Jesus established a new kind of humanity by changing human nature through a spiritual rebirth. Christians are “born again” by repenting of our sins and trusting in Jesus’ blood to forgive us for our rebellion against God.

Here is more Goodnews- God is calling His special people “out of” the world, “into” the Church through faith in Jesus. Christian’s practice through Holy Spirit power how to be Shot Callers now in the world, nation, corporation, culture, church and family. When the bible is the standard for what you believe and how you live, you are choosing to let Jesus Call the Shots. This is how the Lord teaches and prepares Believers to rule the world with Him as a Shot Caller in the promised coming kingdom. Hallelujah!!! Amen.

Michael A. Noble, Senior Pastor
Michael A. Noble, Senior PastorShiloh Missionary Baptist Church
Michael A. Noble has preached the gospel for over 42 years.  He is a teacher of the Bible and prophetic voice as a faithful witess of Jesus Christ.


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