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Satan’s agenda is quickening, the world looks at it and hears it everyday without knowing or without caring. This agenda is coming out of Hollywood and the music industry. Satanism is the new religion of all the most famous and powerful people in the world. These artists are on the radio every second of the day. They are on your children’s mp3 players! Parents have kinda just given in to not screening their children’s music. And these messages are pumped into their subconscious. Then we wondering why they are committing atrocious acts of violence. Evils spirits are evil intentions without bodies, they need someone to channel them to express their intention in the physical realm. That’s why people commit terrible acts and don’t remember do them. Now, they have begun their campaign for a New World Order. The Bible clearly says that they will achieve this goal and this New World Order allows the Anti-Christ to enter the world. Satan gives these artists inspiration,talent, fame, riches, and power if they continue to worship him and promote his agenda. These artist haven’t all gone Satanic because there’s nothing in it for themselves. Satan has a limited amount of power in which he can give to anyone. This is shown in the Bible book of Exodus when Moses brought the 10 plagues on Egypt, now Pharaoh’s magicians (who represent Satan’s power) could only preform 3 of the plagues also. This shows that he has supernatural dark powers to give people but for a eternal price. They are taking the very temporary power and giving up eternal love and grace. A lot of unbeliever’s mis-understanding of Lord Jesus is because of the satanic propaganda that is everywhere. When you ask Jesus to be your savior he floors you with his unimaginable love and faithfulness, and you realize that you had be buying into the devil’s lie too. Let me show you the unbelievable amount of Satanism that is on your T.V. and Radio today in this video. THIS SUBJECT IS NO LONGER TABOO PEOPLE, IT IS A FAST APPROACHING REALITY, and your gonna have to choose to search it out yourselves. Here’s my evidence!